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Stem cell transplantation is a promising therapy in case of malignant diseases, inherited disorders, immune-deficient states. The best solution would be a HLA identical sibling donor. Transplantation with the stem cells of a well-matched unrelated donor (MUD) can reach comparable success. The HSCDR serves as the nation’s hub for searching MUDs. The Hungarian stem cell registry started its activity in 1991. In 1992 it has become a partner of the international donor association and since then the registry has been providing data for the international database. The HSCDR was highly involved in the
Hungarian implementation process of the 2004/23/EC directive on setting standards of quality and safety for the donation, procurement, testig, processing, preservation, storage, and distribution of human tissues and cells.

Our task is:

  • Recruitment of volunteer stem cell donors in cooperation with the HNBTS regional and local centres,
  • Coordination of HLA typing of donors in cooperation with the HLA typing laboratories (Budapest, Debrecen),
  • Maintenance of the national donor database,
  • Organization of the further typing and blood sample procurement for confirmatory typing,
  • Performing donor search for Hungarian patients in the Hungarian and international registries and searching donors in HSCDR database for international patients,
  • Cooperation with the Hungarian transplant centres and other registries, coordination of donor work-up request,
  • Organization accredited training courses for professionals involved in stem cell donation and transplantation.

Recent activities:

  • Implementation of the Prometheus software,
  • Preparation of settlement of the EMDIS electronic search engine to make donor search faster and safer,
  • Development of electronic public communication.

Activity balance (1999-2011):

  • >6300 active donors, HLA-ABDR typed donors >50% (with DNA technique: >20%),
  • >380 MUD HSCT, 14 donations by Hungarian donors (12 donation for 11 Hungarian patients, 2 donations for patients in Greece and US).

MUD HSCT in Hungary 1990 – 2011 (N: 384)

Distribution of stem cell donations for Hungarian patients by donor countries 1990 – 2011:
272: Germany • 25: USA • 18: UK • 10: France • 9: Italy • 8: Hungary• 6: Spain, Belgium • 5: The Netherlands, Czech Republic • 3: Israel, Cyprus • 1: Poland, Argentina, Australia, Finland, Canada, Austria, Portugal, Norway