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The HNBTS serves as the national provider of blood component products to the hospital sector in Hungary. It was founded in 2000 based on 64 individual hospital blood-units. The aim of the centralization was to ensure strict quality assurance and standardised quality management. We work according to EU directives (2004/33/EC, 2002/98/EC, 2005/60/EC, 2005/62/EC), the principles of GMP (since 2001) and other best practice operation procedures.

There is a standardised donor register based on a uniform IT system since 2008 that ensures the safety blood supply in the whole country. At present the clinics of the four universities and the 19 county hospitals are able to link to the trace line module of our system. The reason behind the trace line is to collect the details of the transfusion
events at a real time on-line and electronic basis instead of traditional paper based methods

In the headquarters the dispatch department monitors the stocks and coordinates the transportation of the blood products among the blood establishments and the local blood banks. Our service has been involved in the following EU co-founded projects (DOMAIN, SOP, Optimal Blood Use, EUBIS, CATIE).

Our task in the blood field is five-fold:

  • planning, organisation, coordination, operation and control of preparative and clinical transfusiology and the preparation of blood component products for hospitals,
  • strategic collaboration with the Hungarian Red Cross on the care and sustaining of the voluntary, non-remunerated, whole-blood donor-pool since early 1959,
  • quality control of the national stocks, supply and distribution, coordination of the related communication, logistics, transportation and information systems and networks,
  • education of technical staff, (post)graduate training for medical and non-medical health professionals, specialists in cooperation with medical universities in transfusiology,
  • preparation of guidelines and standards, advisory and consultancy for legal and financial health policy decisionmaking.