Welcome to the homepage of the Organ Coordination Office (OCO) which organisation belongs to the Hungarian National Blood Transfusion Service as one department of it.

We are in the OCO working together with all Hungarian transplant centers to increase the number of transplants, to save patients’ life waiting on waiting lists and/or to improve the quality of life. There is no transplant without organs!

It is necessary to identify all brain dead patients, to have more organ donors, and after that donor management, brain death declaration and effective organ donation is crucial to gain our goal.
OCO is responsible for coordination of all Hungarian organ donations and we run donation promotion programs beside the main task.

You can find all our accessibilities on this page and the Hungarian version contain much more wide and actual information for transplant experts, donor hospitals and public, too.

Of course we are going to plan to expand the English content as well in the near future.

OCO team