Jubilee Conference - Hungary Celebrates 10 Years as a Full Member of Eurotransplant
Reaching the Milestone of 12,000 Organ Transplants in Hungary

Budapest, June 6, 2023 – Ten years ago, Hungary became a full member of Eurotransplant, the largest European organ exchange organization. During this decade, 924 donor organs were received from abroad to benefit Hungarian patients, accounting for 24% of the total 3,922 domestic organ transplants from deceased donors. As a result of international organ exchange, the chances of Hungarian patients obtaining organs have significantly improved. Nearly a quarter of Hungarian transplant recipients received kidneys with better immunological compatibility, or as sensitized patients, we were able to find organs specifically suitable for them more quickly. Additionally, there were patients with special urgency, including children, waiting for organs.

After joining Eurotransplant, the number of patients put on the waiting list has increased by 39%, ensuring a greater availability of transplant services and a more accurate distribution of donor organs. Kidney transplants, which were performed in the largest number, demonstrated improved immunological compatibility, leading to longer functioning of transplanted organs and a higher quality of life for patients. This translates to an additional 750 years of life gained over the past decade.

The average waiting time for transplant patients has decreased, especially for kidneys, from 4.48 to 3.42 years. The number of acute patients awaiting organs has doubled, with 74% of the 342 patients successfully receiving transplants (compared to the previous 53%). Notably, 71% of the donor organs for these patients came from abroad.

The waiting time for sensitized (immunized) transplant patients, who previously waited for nearly 8 years, has been reduced to less than 4 years. Additionally, the waiting time for non-immunized kidney transplant patients has decreased by 0.4 years.

During the 10-year period of full membership, 176 children received organs in Hungary. Eurotransplant contributed 66.67% (52) of children's kidneys, 40.82% (20) of livers, and 82.93% (34) of hearts.

Since joining Eurotransplant, all suitable donor organs have been successfully transplanted, ensuring no organs are lost due to a lack of suitable recipients. This collaboration has greatly benefited patients in need of organ transplantation and thus for the whole of Hungary.

Coinciding with the jubilee celebration, on May 10, 2023, the 12,000th organ transplant in Hungary took place—a kidney transplant at the Transplantation Department of the Institute of Surgery at the Clinical Center of the University of Debrecen. The number of cases itself reflects the extensive experience of Hungarian transplantation programs. Out of the 12,000 organ transplants, 9,626 were kidney transplants, 1,277 were liver transplants, 772 were heart transplants, 196 were pancreas transplants (often combined with a kidney), and 129 were lung transplants. The progression of these programs is evident as the first thousand transplants occurred over 30 years, while the last thousand took less than 3 years.

Hungarian National Blood Transfusion Service, Transplantation Directorate


The press release is available on this link in pdf format.