Contact data of the Hungarian Competent Authority for organs

The name of organisation: Hungarian National Blood Transfusion Service, Organ Coordination Office

Telephone number:+ 36 1 3914570

Email address:

Fax number:+36 1 3981177

Address: H-1113 Budapest, Karolina út 19-21.

laying down information procedures for the exchange, between Member States, of human organs intended for transplantation


Article 8

Interconnection between Member States


Member States shall communicate to the Commission the contact details of the competent authority or delegated bodies to which the relevant information shall be transmitted for the purpose of, on the one hand, Article 5, and, on the other hand, Articles 6 and 7. These contact details include at least the following data: the organisation’s name, telephone number, e- mail address, fax number and postal address.

Where a Member State has several competent authorities or delegated bodies, it shall ensure that the information received by one of them pursuant to Article 5, 6 or 7 is forwarded to the appropriate competent authority or delegated body at national level, in accordance with the repartition of competences in that Member State.

The Commission shall make available to the Member States a list of all competent authorities and delegated bodies designated by Member States in accordance with paragraph 1. The Member States shall keep the information in that list up to date. The Commission may entrust the establishment and maintenance of this list to a third party.